Apple Tree Montessori

Shoot Schedule

Wednesday May 3rd @ 10:00AM

Portrait Location Apple Tree Montessori

Ordering Information

All orders are completed online in your school gallery.

Once the shoot is done and the images are uploaded to the gallery, you’ll receive a text or email notifying you your portraits are ready. Please know it could take up to 1 week for the gallery to be published.

Click this link to access your school gallery, & subscribe to text or email to receive photo gallery updates & information.

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Advanced Pay CREDIT Info

Optional $35 pre-purchased credit (like a gift card).
Reveive FREE shipping with each purchase of the A.P. Credit!

Enter the gallery using the same email you used for your credit purcahse, select and order your products and then your advanced pay credit amount will automatically be applied to your balance in your cart upon checking out.

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Product Pricing

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