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UPDATE: Hello Parents,

Thanks to a very kind parent, we found out we did not add the gallery link to this page and thus have left you all in the dark! Our apologies for the confusion!

We’ve added the link below, and unpublished the gallery so you have the opportunity to save on shipping by purchasing an AdvancedPay Credit if you choose.

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Portrait Location Enumclaw Middle School

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Timothy Dehnert Photography is a professional portrait photography business located in Enumclaw, WA. We offer top-quality portrait services for businesses, sports teams, and students, delivering polished, captivating photos to every client.

With many years of experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, our photography team has the tools to deliver the perfect photo packages for various client types. We provide step-by-step guidance throughout each photo shoot and strive to create an enjoyable experience filled with genuine life and laughter.